ThunderFab has a wide variety of services including CNC Waterjet cutting, CNC machining, MIG and TIG Welding, and general Metal Fabrication.  ThunderFab capabilities also include AutoCAD detailing for your manufacturing needs, "Reverse" Engineering, and value-added support

Some of the operations (capabilities) we are able to perform are:  boring, milling, slotting, tapping, burning, precision sawing, joining, and turning.

The short list of products we have made is as follows:  classifier blades for pulverizers, orifice plates, venturis, coupling guards, probes (pitot tubes), complex shafts and geometric shapes, baseplates, housings, fixtures, flow nozzles, bushings, and axles.

Our 5000 square foot facility strives to have the latest technology in fabrication and machining equipment. Our staff is continually training to offer our customers a high quality of welding and machining.


We will not only meet your specifications, but exceed your expectations.

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Our Capabilities


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