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Reverse engineering (RE) - The process of analyzing a device in order to learn details of design, construction, and operation, perhaps to product a copy or an improved version.

 Value Added Engineering - A systematic method to improve the "value: of goods and services by using an examination of function.  It involves deconstructing and analyzing products with the objective of finding opportunities for cost cuttings, quality improvement, reduced maintenance or a combination of these.

 ThunderFab, Inc. utilizes the latest in manufacturing technology and engineering expertise to offer you unmatched quality with competitive pricing for orders from one to one million.  Our staff of engineers, machinists, operators, welders and fabricators work together to ensure that the finished product meets your specifications and exceeds your expectations.  Consider us for your next _like-in-kind" replacement of worn or obsolete parts.  Thunderfab will not only create your part but offer the value added benefit of improving the quality, functionality and longevity of your replacement part.

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